Begin Again

So many of us carry trauma from our childhood, which often sabotages our adult life in numerous ways. These learned patterns of behaviour can be misinterpreted as being our true self and it is this perception that ultimately creates confusion and conflict in our adult lives. The ‘Begin Again’ sessions are primarily for people who wish to bring healing to their past experiences in their childhood, bringing peace and acceptance to the present moment in their adult lives.

Children are naturally highly gifted, often  making decisions based on intuitive feelings, emotions and inner trust. This expression of awareness is referred to as the presence of the ‘natural child’. Adults often learn to bypass this natural gift of awareness by influencing their own perceptions upon previous experiences and learned coping mechanisms. When we safely step deeply into the ‘Begin Again’ sessions we nurture and recognise the powerful intuitive qualities of the natural child, creating an invitation to bring what was once lost into the present moment as a sacred gift to both child and adult. This beautiful connection can be truly life changing as it contains the essential ingredients of your true and most vibrant authentic self, untouched by anyone else. It is your purity, your presence, your birth right and yours alone. When the memory of your magic is returned within the loving arms of the adult you welcome your most sacred self into the real you. The innocence and power of your natural child is returned, bringing vitality presence and purpose to the  empowered adult.

All sessions are consciously created enabling both adult and natural child to gently connect within balance, beauty, power and presence. This process involves a minimum of ten sessions specifically developed to nourish the conscious and compassionate awareness, essential to your own authentic existence. 

‘Begin Again’ is the key ingredient to essentially the most important relationship you will ever experience. The relationship you have with yourself. 

What to expect from the Begin Again sessions?

Following an initial consultation, Pete will request you fill out a questionnaire, this ensures he receives the vital information supporting your healing process. The Begin Again sessions incorporate a minimum of ten meetings where you will begin to explore energetic aspects surrounding your relationship with your parents, siblings and of course yourself. As you deepen your exploration you begin to discover and invite the authentic gifts of your true nature and welcome these into the present moment. Following each session, you will receive homework deepening this sacred bond. Pete offers one-to-one support throughout the sessions, ensuring you feel empowered throughout this life changing and essential experience.

Why Begin Again?

From birth we are welcomed into the arms of our parents, if this environment is not nourishing, our natural development as children can suffer deeply. Disharmony can occur whereby traumatic experiences once lived as a child can influence the emotions, actions and behaviours from the adult. These childhood memories and experiences can easily unconsciously manifest into our adult lives, affecting relationships, decisions, behaviours and ultimately sabotaging our overall well-being.  The ‘Begin Again’ sessions offer a safe step by step process exploring the past, consciously going back in time to reconnect with the essence of the ‘natural child.’ This presence is the purest of the sacred self, untouched by conditioning, parental influence or potential trauma. It is the most potent, powerful and beautiful gift we can ever receive. It is our most authentic sacred self and as a conscious, creative, compassionate adult, we welcome our own birthing to ‘Begin Again.’ 

Who can benefit from the Begin Again sessions?

These sessions are offered to anyone who wishes to reconnect to their true authentic presence. It is essential that during the initial consultation the questionnaire provided is completed accurately, ensuring Pete understands your past experiences and intention for attending the sessions. The ‘Begin Again’ sessions offer beneficial results related to: understanding the purity of love, self-acceptance, forgiveness, understanding the seeds of self-judgement, harnessing inner power, stress management, personal focus, conscious clarity, developing the absolute essential gifts towards achieving inner peace, well-being and physical health. 

These sessions are not specifically for people who may have experienced challenging childhoods. They are highly beneficial for anyone on the path of self discovery or may be at a crossroads in their personal life or career. These sessions reunite oneself with their own unique natural resources, providing the essential tools required to effectively navigate any transition one may face. This transformational process nourishes compassion and conscious clarity empowering you the adult to be fully present, connected to all aspects of your most sacred self. 

From a shamanic perspective, we receive natural life essence prior to our physical birth. When this essential essence is diluted or disowned due to challenging experiences, illness can occur. The ‘Begin Again’ sessions offer an opportunity to heal the ‘hole’ that caused this essential loss and retrieve the authentic essence so the ‘whole’ human being can truly exist. This beautiful invitation never dies. It is available again and again and again. All you have to do is begin. 


Pete is an incredibly beautiful soul and he is the real gift of the work. Working with him was a true honour and privilege. His ability to hold space from a place of vulnerability and open-heartedness was a huge gift and deeply touched my soul. I’ve never felt so truly seen and held in my life. He is incredibly humble and in my opinion an unsung hero. Someone who has inspired me and I can call a true role model for who I intend to become in the world going forwards. There is no financial recompense that could justify the generosity of spirit and presence. Pete brings a beautiful balance of both the divine feminine and masculine energies with gentleness, patience and nurturing but also courage, strength and compassion with ferocity when necessary. Within this space, he creates solid boundaries and at all points I felt comfortable and it was clear that Pete was aware of how important that was and consciously made sure of it. Pete has such a broad range of expertise and this was really felt in his multi-disciplinary approach to my process that included shamanic healing, child psychology and the unique ‘Begin Again’ process. All of which he took me through with the utmost professionalism and expertise. This work is by no means a walk in the park and not for the faint hearted. It requires one to go into those dark deep uncomfortable places within our soul and past that we often prefer to leave covered up. However the beauty of exposing this area and bringing it into conscious awareness has allowed me to learn how to love and protect my inner child and deeply reconnect with her, see my shadow and feel the essence of my true nature. All the while feeling safe and supported in a space of love. This work is a big beautiful step on the path of my personal growth and will remain deeply etched in my soul as a huge point of transformation and will be held in a precious place in my heart forevermore. A beautiful gift. There is no question that Pete’s motives are purely client centred and come from a place of love and desire for the clients personal growth and development. With the utmost of gratitude for you and your work, thank you! 

Gemma Parry-Williams (Cardiologist)

Price: £60 per hour

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