I have been with Meinl percussion for over twenty years. It began many years ago when I received a set of flotune Congas celebrating their 20th anniversary. I proudly toured with Cornershop internationally using these as they are with no doubt the best congas I have found. Of course witnessing their unique approach in researching percussive sounds and grounding them into products proves they are a serious contender in all aspects of music. I am committed to them both as friends and as a company.

Throughout the world of sound healing and of course music, Paiste have been at the forefront producing cymbals and gongs for decades. I am   honoured and extremely thankful to Paiste for their continuous support with my personal work both in music and sound healing. Their products are truly amazing. Having used their 32 inch symphonic gong and numerous cymbals they’re a brilliant addition to both my recording work and live percussive sound healing’s.

If you cannot carry your instruments safely what is the point. Dean from protection racket is one in a million and of course his team deliver the zeros as heroes. After rock solid international touring their cases are still as good as the first day I received them. If I was a drum I wouldn’t want to leave the snugness of their cases. It’s like having a bed I never want to get out of. Happy times now and I am sure they will continue. Many thanks my friends. 

I have been with REMO for over a decade and find their Buffalo drums absolutely brilliant for performing both sound healings and shamanic work. I personally prefer the 16 inch and this is what I recommend to my students. For much deeper work, the Bahai drum or Black Earth drum in the USA produces an incredibly rich sound. Having met their director a few years ago in New Jersey, I can certainly say they have their heart in the right place. Our hearts beat together and it is this rhythm that nurtures our connection. Thank you REMO. 

Without the continued support from Roland, my studio would be inadequate. I have been an endorsed artist for over ten years and this has been invaluable. Their precise and refined awareness towards the technological and creative requirements from musicians is clearly present in all their products. Plus their passion to support my own work has been incredible. Integrating their V drums into my studio set up has been brilliant as well as using their RC300 and Integra 7. Gratitude all the way.  

There is not much point in using some of the best acoustic instruments in the world if you cannot represent them professionally in all of your recordings. This is where Shure microphones come in. The name says it all and of course the quality of the microphones provide the rock solid results I require. Having spent my entire life exploring sound, using Shure microphones to record my creations is key to transferring what I play into an exceptional recording. Sincere thanks always as I am sure of Shure being the best. 

An additional resource to Meinl is their attention to detail and percussive excellence. It is wonderful that my relationship has organically traversed into their sound healing venture. Having played percussion for over 40 years, I expect the highest standard of both myself and the instruments I use. The sonic energy collection excels itself in providing everything I need. I am honoured to promote their healing instruments as a musician and have also received their blessings to sell them too. This is a true example trust in all aspects of the word.

I can guarantee almost every recording studio has a product made by Tascam. They are renowned for being robust and reliable. I am extremely grateful to the support I have received from Tascam over the numerous years. Their presence and products truly are excellent. The SS-CDR200 is an absolutely essential addition to my studio and as always produces exceptional results. Thank you Tascam.  

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