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Fire & Flute – Shamanic Healing


The first track ‘Fire’ was originally composed with the guidance of the classic 4-7 beats per second journey rhythm used within shamanism as a foundation which later evolved to the final piece. The second track ‘Flute’ includes gentle rhythmical percussion and Native American flute enabling the listener to integrate sacred healing’s received from the experience. Feedback has been received starting it is very beneficial for one-to-one sessions within shamanism.

This composition is a brilliant addition to any musical collection within shamanism and sound healing.


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Fire and Flute

This recording is created for shamanic healing’s and ceremonies. It lasts approximately 60 minutes. ‘Fire’ includes ceremonial percussion supporting sacred healing and visions. ‘Flute’ includes Native American flute and percussion for healing integration.

Bravo on ‘Fire and Flute’! I love this CD. It has easily become on one of my favourites. The music is dynamic and multi-layered and enlivens my spirit every time I listen to it. What a gift! Thank you for composing it and keep up the good work. I look forward to purchasing more from you in the future. Blessings and light!”
Andrea Lee, San Mateo, California. USA.



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