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One to One Consultation – Remote Session


These consultation sessions are primarily for those who wish to enhance their own healing practices, develop their skills as a practitioner or therapist, plus anyone interested in learning more about shamanism and sound healing. It is commonly known that attending a group workshop is only the beginning of an educational experience. The real work begins with the actual implementation of the learned technique. There are many myths regarding the use of sacred objects and instruments used both within shamanism and sound healing that contain the power of healing and transformation. Without personal reflection towards your own learning or practice development these myths can easily become behaviours of belief. The true power lies within the connection with, for example: yourself, spirit, a sound healing instrument, a sacred object, or tool and how this interaction occurs. Within sound healing, there is often so much focus on the presence of the sound rather than the sacred partnership between the creator and the instrument itself. This of course is present within shamanism also between the self and spirit. It is this level of refinement towards sacred awareness and precision that became the initiator for Pete to offer these one-to-one consultations.



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