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The recording begins very gently, with the healing rhythms softly arriving, intuitively guiding the listener into a deeper invitation towards sacred sleep. It is recommended that an intention is set prior to listening and awareness too spent ensuring volume levels are set accordingly to enable a rich and transformative experience is achieved.


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OriOri means ‘lullaby’ in Maori language from New Zealand. This recording is approximately 60 minutes long with an intention to guide people into sacred shamanic dreamtime. The gentle rhythms from the frame drum helps to create a deep relaxation in tune with the harmonic vocal tones supporting the sacred transition into sleep.


1 review for ORIORI

  1. Dee

    A gentle introduction guides you into a lush and expansive vibrational feast, like a deep tropical jungle. You are taken on a pathway through the multiple layers of carefully and sensitively woven sound waves and sensations, strong grounding roots, sprinkled with light. Opportunities to delve into deeper pools of varying energies along the way leading to an increasing space of contemplation which gently holds you until the conclusion. An amazing piece of music that invites you to go deep, if you choose or engage with one of the other many vibrational layers. Enjoy…


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