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Shaman Journey One


Shaman Journey One

This is a recording of the classic shamanic journey rhythm enabling people to enter the shamanic state of consciousness. It is intended for listeners who have received proper training within shamanic journeying and should not be used if you do not fully understand this ancient technique.


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Shaman Journey One

The introduction begins with rattles and bells to prepare yourself for the intended journey. There are three further options including a 10 minute journey, a 20 minute journey and a 30 minute journey. These sacred rhythms are played on a Schlagwerk frame drum, with a tempo of approximately 4-7 beats per second or 180 beats per minute. Each of the journey rhythms include the call back beat ensuring you return fully.

These sacred journey rhythms were recorded with a clear and deep intention to support your shamanic journey work. It is advised that you do not listen to this recording whilst driving and only use it within healing ceremonies, tuition or personal healing work.
This recording was produced without any additional effects and no digital looping or editing was performed. It is a pure and precise creation to support your spiritual development and help you integrate ancient healing into your lives.

Thank you for ‘Shaman Journey One’. I have to say, when I first played it, I was amazed by its effectiveness as a “drumming CD”. The sound quality was exceptional and as a journeying tool, it rates among by top three. I use it frequently now.
What impressed me was the consistency of the beat itself and the subtle nuances that seemed to enhance my journey at just the right times.
Each time I use it, there is a new aspect that I hear. Blessings to the gift you have for creating such beautiful journey CDs.
I encourage everyone to listen to them and use them. “


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