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Shaman Journey Two


Shaman Journey Two

Shaman Journey Two is an incredibly rich and potent recording of the classic journey rhythm enabling people to enter the shamanic state of consciousness. Instead of using the drum, a 32 inch symphonic gong was used, which adds to the overall dynamics and uniqueness of this recording. Due to the numerous frequencies that a gong can produce, the classic journey rhythm was played in the centre and then layers of beautiful overtones were mixed into the final piece.


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Shaman Journey Two

The introduction begins with the gong being played sensitively to prepare yourself for the intended journey or focussed healing experience. There are four further options including a 10 minute journey, a 20 minute journey, a 30 minute journey and a 2 minute drum call back at the end to ensure you return fully.

The overall effects of this unique recording are extremely potent and it may be used in many other healing modalities including meditation and numerous yogic practices. If used for shamanic journeying, it is recommended that listeners have received proper training, so they fully understand this ancient technique. However due to the intention when the recording was made it is beneficial for inner transformative work on a very deep level.

It is advised that you do not listen to this recording whilst driving and only use it within healing ceremonies, tuition or personal healing work. This recording was produced without any additional effects and no digital looping or editing was performed. It is a pure and precise creation to support your spiritual development and help you integrate ancient healing into your lives.

“A powerful and potent tool for journeying….. But a complete soundscape experience in itself.”

Felicity Warner, author of “The Soul Midwives Handbook” and “A Safe Journey Home.


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