Shamanic Healing

Shamanic healing is considered to be the oldest forms of spiritual healing, dating back to over one hundred thousand years. It has been proven to be an excellent healing technique following numerous research studies and remains respected worldwide cross culturally.

Intuitively practicing shamanism from such a young age, Pete continued to enhance his shamanic skills by attending long term trainings with both ‘The Sacred Trust’ and ‘Sandra Ingerman.’ He offers all core-shamanic healing techniques including: soul retrieval, extraction, shamanic counselling, psychopomp, distant healings, energetic space clearing and much more. With absolute trust in his spirits, he merges their presence and his percussive skills into a potent partnership providing a rich and immersive invitation towards your specific healing intentions. 

Throughout the session, he provides a seamless experience using various sounds including drums, percussion and voice. Integrating his numerous skills and percussive expertise you receive an opportunity to fully relax into an extremely deep state of being. This ensures your body and soul can fully embrace the healing and transformative process harmoniously.

What to expect from the shamanic healing session?

Following an initial consultation he will request you share what you wish to heal at this precise time in your life. Upon arrival you will receive the opportunity to fully immerse yourself in this transformative healing session. Many people find this to be an incredibly rich experience as he integrates the drum, percussion and voice following the guidance from his healing spirits. Once completed, he will poetically share what information has been received, sending this to you as a pdf file for future reference. After three weeks, he will contact you again for a brief follow up on your progress. 

Why shamanic healing?

From a shamanic perspective, one of the main causes of illness is detachment from our true presence and power. Shamanic healing supports our spiritual presence and awareness resulting in a sacred balance being achieved. Healing can sometimes be challenging but with shamanic healing we receive the opportunities to evolve in partnership with spirit. By welcoming this connection, our healing experiences can become more profound inviting us into a more conscious state of presence and being.

Who can benefit from shamanic healing?

Almost anyone can receive the benefits of shamanic healing and as always it is important to choose a practitioner that has the relevant knowledge and experience. Shamanic healing has been proven to be very effective with those suffering from trauma, physical illness, supporting emotional transition and awareness, increasing abundance, improving personal vitality, bringing balance into ones life and overall well-being.  


“It’s no exaggeration to say that the Soul Retrieval session I had with Pete was one of the most profound experiences of my life. He is a truly gifted healer and a caring and compassionate human being. I’m so grateful that I was guided to his door”. 

Sue (Complimentary Therapist)

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