Silence of Sound training

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Trying to put into words what the experience of the ‘Silence Sound’ training with Pete Bengry was for me is best described as ‘Heal yourself and you Heal the World.’ If you wish to go beyond all that prevents you from being this for yourself and others, then this is the course for you. Pete offers us the tools and the philosophy to empower ourselves, to come through to a place of FREEDOM, a space we have always yearned. It is up to us whether we choose to  ‘LET GO’ of that which keeps us from doing so. If we do then the journey of Self discovery can begin with this training. We drummed both the Sound and the Silence into our bodies, minds and Spirits until we became One Sound and One Silence into a group consciousness, a communion and a consecration. This weekend course was ‘up there’ with a handful of Spiritual Awakenings I have experienced in my many years of seeking my Higher Self.
Thank you Pete for your Light and your Humanity.

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