The Shamans Drum training

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I cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful weekend, which was entirely due to your authenticity and wisdom as  a person and teacher. As you know finding your course was a synchronous event and a last minute decisions, which I am sure was guided by spirit, and I didn’t know what to expect, except for maybe some tools and techniques for using the drum. The course went far beyond what I envisaged, it enabled me to deepen my connection to the drum by making contact with drum spirit a vital but missing aspect of my practice. The way in which you led us throughout the weekend to make even deeper connections was wonderful, the fluidity and seamlessness of moving from one experience and practice to another made the weekend flow. You encouraged us to experiment with different techniques, broadening our practice, and were open to ideas from the group, which is rare in a lot of teachers. Your encouragement and support of a complete novice, which is what I was, meant that I didn’t feel out f depth or embarrassed by my lack of experience. You were certainly more aware than most course leaders of hat the group needed and led us through the weekend with loving kindness.
I would certainly attend another one of your courses. Also what I found, in meeting you and the other course members has restored my faith in human nature, that there are many genuine, authentic and loving people around and I thank you for bringing us all together.
With much love.

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