The Shamans Drum training

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‘The Shamans Drum’ is not so much a course as an initiation. An initiation that takes you on a deep spiritual journey that draws you closer and closer to understanding your own heart, and that of your drum. Intuitively guided by Pete, a relationship begins to develop between yourself and your drum that culminates in a bond that, if nourished and taken care of, will last as long as you continue to drum.
It matters not whether you consider yourself an adept, or have very little experience or even any sense of rhythm. Preconceived ideas of what a drumming course will be are quickly shattered as Pete takes you to a place you may never have visited before. A sacred realm, one of realisation and awakening  as to what can be achieved between yourself and your drum.
Grounded by his own deep personal connection to the Spirit of the Drum, Pete gently coaxes you to step over and beyond boundaries in your exploration of the relationship between yourself and this instrument, using a variety of techniques that are both fun and challenging.
The course, for me, was a life changing experience. I laughed, I cried, and now when I pick up my drum to play it, I notice there is a distinct dynamic between us, a new found quality that opens the way forward in my Shamanic practice. I am deeply grateful to Pete for having shared his knowledge, wisdom and talent with us…

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