About Pete

Pete Bengry is an internationally acclaimed professional percussionist, specialising in shamanism, sound healing, music production and one-to-one consultations. He is a member of the UK band ‘Cornershop’ who achieved a number one hit with the song ‘Brimful of Asha’ in 1996. His percussive training began at the age of five years, when he trusted his natural awareness towards percussive rhythms and sound healing. He was lucky enough to travel to Africa at the age of ten years and witnessed the Zulus drum, sing and dance. Being so moved by their presence, he received a drum, which influenced his passion into the practice of shamanism.

Throughout his life, he has always recognised the importance of music. No matter what emotion one experiences there is always a piece of music that supports a deep internal transformation. Having devoted his life towards being both a composer and observer to the essential effects of music, he has been able to witness what he describes as the ‘visible’ and ‘invisible’ worlds of presence. He refers to the internal presence as the invisible and the external presence as the visible. Our internal experiences exist in the form of emotions, feelings, physical processes, which occur within the invisible of our bodies. When they begin to manifest themselves externally as a physical presence they become visible and it is here where we often take notice. This level of awareness is the foundation of Pete’s work. His shamanic and incredibly precise sound healing work focuses on bringing awareness and balance to both the invisible and visible presence of oneself. 

Being self-taught in percussion from such a young age, he has been refining these skills primarily within shamanism and sound healing throughout his entire life delivering extraordinary results. His commitment is clearly recognised internationally based on his numerous teachings, performances and compositions. His reputation is one of an adept and considered to be one of the best in the field of integrating percussion and sound healing into shamanism. It is this deep level of experience that he brings to all aspects of his healing practice whether performing live healing sessions, one-to-one consultations, training programmes or specific music compositions. 

His commitment remains paramount, continuing to evolve as he expands his presence into new healing environments. Following his passion for music, in 2007 he contacted ‘Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Charity’ in London to train as a music therapist; unfortunately his application was unsuccessful due to being self-taught.   Disappointed by the news, his determination was not exhausted but initiated focused research into the effects of sounds influencing cellular growth within the physical body. This passion resulted in him achieving all the qualifications required to eventually becoming a certified registered nurse in 2013. Witnessing the numerous healing practices within traditional medicine enhanced his awareness towards the sacred presence of life from a spiritual and biological perspective. This educational and empowering journey proved absolutely essential in both understanding the process of life itself with amazement and achieving balance in his presence towards all aspects of his healing practice and teaching. 

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