Sound Healing

The use of sound as a healing technique is an incredible practice, which has been studied almost infinitely. Many methods of receiving vital information in medicine incorporate vibration and sound. Of course shamans and healers have always recognised the power of sound.

Having personally experimented with rhythm from such a young age, Pete became a witness to the numerous acts of sound creation. Focussing on percussion he learned that gentleness towards sound creation often resulted in greater precision and accuracy. This awareness taught him to fully respect the presence of sounds from the space of silence. It was this intuitive practice that helped him witness and understand the internal presence of his emotions as sounds and their effect on his life. This experience focused his awareness towards the importance of witnessing silence as the seeding of sacred sound itself. Throughout his childhood to the present day, his intuitive understanding of both silence and sound remains paramount in all his sound healing work, whether teaching, performing or offering one-to-one sessions.  

To continue his theoretical and practical knowledge he attended the 21st and final ever Healing Sounds Intensive with the sound healing pioneer ‘Johnathon Goldman’ in the USA, which provided further grounded information. 

What to expect from the sound healing session?

During the sound healing session, you receive an invitation to fully relax into an extremely deep state of consciousness. This experience provides the body with an opportunity to receive the healing sounds without the interference of the analytical mind. With Pete’s percussive skills and sensitivity you will experience an incredibly transformative healing, enabling you to honour your potential intention and nourish the presence of your higher self, bringing support, balance and clarity. It truly is a gift to your own well being and overall health. 

Why sound healing?

Throughout the modern world we are primarily over stimulated with information which influences our patterns of behaviour in daily life. Often our minds over analyse our perception of what we receive through our natural senses. Sound healing offers an opportunity for the body to welcome healing vibrations without the interference of the analytical mind. This enables the genius of the physical self to heal, bringing relaxation and balance to all aspects of the body, mind and soul. This experience of course relies on the skills, knowledge and awareness of the practitioner.

Who can benefit from sound healing?

Anyone can experience these transformative results from sound healing working with a qualified and experienced practitioner. When sound is produced consciously, it becomes sacred and it is this awareness towards its creation that provides powerful healing results. Sound healing is beneficial for both physical and mental relaxation, pain management, physical regeneration, supporting emotional transition and awareness, focus, stress relief, emotional well-being, improvements in personal healing and overall health.  


My healing session with Pete was intense and moving – very powerful. I have a chronic condition which means that I am tired much of the time – my husband, who has no interest in ‘alternative’ methods, has been amazed at how much more energy I have had; he can find no other reason for this improvement. As it happens, my blood test results since the session have improved also – my specialist at the Royal Free Hospital in London was pleased, but I thought it best not to share this with him! 

Kayla Justice (Consultant)

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