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Pete has been actively practising and teaching shamanism and sound healing for over thirty years. Recognising the importance of sharing knowledge and experience, he offers these one-to-one consultation sessions for further development. His clients include active practitioners and therapists running their own practice who wish to enhance their skills plus those interested in leaning more about shamanism and sound healing. These sessions are carefully refined to be person centred focusing on the elements of both improvement and transformation. Self awareness towards our presence within our daily lives and for those practising  healing modalities is absolutely essential, especially within shamanism and sound healing.

Being self-taught, Pete has learned the importance of personal presence and precise perceptions towards all acts of his healing work over many years, since childhood. This depth of awareness is the core foundation, which supports these one-to-one consultations whether related to your personal or spiritual practice. Following your initial learning intentions, he specifically designs these sessions from conception to creation ensuring your educational empowerment remains paramount at all times. With encouragement for personal reflection these one-to-one consultations become absolutely fundamental to his clients development and understanding. These sessions are very transformative for those wishing to refine their healing practices or enhance their overall understanding of subjects covered.


What to expect from the one-to-one consultation?

An initial meeting will be arranged to discuss areas you wish to explore, improve or enhance.  Based on Pete’s many years of experience both within shamanism and sound healing he will offer his skills, guidance and reflection as an empowered mentor.

At all times a person centred approach is offered, ensuring each session focuses on specific areas previously discussed providing essential support for your growth and personal transformation. 

These consultations provide a wonderful opportunity for you to re-centre yourself and reflect upon your own personal progress with the empowering support from an experienced mentor. At all times, your professional development is witnessed and welcomed with absolute sincerity and cynosure empowering your understanding as you progress. With a continuous focus on reflective awareness and conscious learning, clients ultimately become more attentive towards all aspects of their transformation in relation to their spiritual practice. 

Why a one-to-one consultation?

These consultation sessions are primarily for those who wish to enhance their own healing practices, develop their skills as a practitioner or therapist, plus anyone interested in learning more about shamanism and sound healing. It is commonly known that attending a group workshop is only the beginning of an educational experience. The real work begins with the actual implementation of the learned technique. There are many myths regarding the use of sacred objects and instruments used both within shamanism and sound healing that contain the power of healing and transformation. Without personal reflection towards your own learning or practice development these myths can easily become behaviours of belief. The true power lies within the connection with, for example: yourself, spirit, a sound healing instrument, a sacred object, or tool and how this interaction occurs. Within sound healing, there is often so much focus on the presence of the sound rather than the sacred partnership between the creator and the instrument itself. This of course is present within shamanism also between the self and spirit. It is this level of refinement towards sacred awareness and precision that became the initiator for Pete to offer these one-to-one consultations.

Who can benefit from a one-to-one consultation?

Anyone interested in either shamanism, sound healing or simply wishing to enhance and develop their personal practice will benefit from these one-to-one consultations. Pete requests that you commit to a minimum of four sessions to ensure your core foundations develop honouring your initial intentions.

These sessions will certainly support anyone wishing to refine their practical techniques using instruments for sound healing, plus integrating percussion into their shamanic practices. These practical skills are what Pete refers to as the visible as they are seen and heard. Petes real passion is focusing on the invisible, which is the preparation for sound creation or connection with spirit. It is this practice of precision that is the key foundation towards all aspects of internal and external growth, whether physical, emotional or spiritual. These one-to-one consultations are absolutely essential to anyone wishing to enhance or develop themselves and remain present in both preparation and precision throughout their entire healing practice. They are an investment for the soul. 


I met Pete in autumn 2019. I came across his website as soon as I started searching for the right shaman to practice with and instantly knew that he’d be the right teacher for me. We’ve had several sessions, which were very profound and magical, during which I’ve journeyed much deeper than I was able to do when experimenting with shamanism alone. He’s an excellent musician and a sensitive person, which help both with the aesthetic enjoyment of the sessions as well as enhancement of trust. Most importantly, the insights that were revealed to me during our sessions were so visionary and prophetic, I was almost shocked that what I saw in my journeys started to unfold almost the following day. And even now, ten months later, I’m still observing my life unfold in the direction I’ve envisioned through my journeying with Pete. This not only creates a magical feeling in my life, it also gives me certainty that I’m moving in the right direction, while having a deeper understanding of the primary causes for these developments. I’ll be back soon and highly recommend Pete to anyone interested in shamanism.

Vera Monotti Graziadei (Actress)

Price: £50 per hour

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