When We Look Through The Eyes Of Beauty, 
We See Beauty, Creating Beauty In Our Lives.

Being in Beauty’ is an international sacred healing practice developed by Pete Bengry, based in the magic lands of Estonia. Born from a shamanic burial, its core values: “When we look through the eyes of beauty, we see beauty, creating beauty in our lives” were ceremonially received. 

With a deep focus on the inner core of the compassionate human being in conscious balance with all life, Being in Beauty provides trainings in shamanism, using the drum as a sacred tool, and the expansive transformative effects within sound healing. Other services include person centred musical production and composition for both practitioners and clients as a healing tool.

Recognising the importance of internal growth and personal awareness, one-to-one consultations are provided focusing on the essential elements enabling both the practitioner or client to enhance their own healing presence or personal practice.

“Pete Bengry has devoted his life to helping others heal on all levels – emotionally, physically and spiritually. He has such a wealth of information to share with both clients and students. To witness his sensitivity, merging music with his shamanic work is truly extraordinary. I highly recommend his workshops and his sacred work as a shamanic practitioner”.

Sandra Ingerman – Author of ten books on shamanic healing including ‘Walking in Light: The everyday Empowerment of Shamanic Life.’

“There is something very special and unique about Pete Bengry, truly an adept in his field. Pete’s teachings offer you an opportunity for self-discovery at an incomparable depth. His presence is an incredible blessing and gift that you will only understand when you attend one of his workshops, performances or a one-to-one sessions.”

Carol Talbot – Author of YOU, the Divine Genius and Breaking Through.

“The loose and rolling grooves produced by the wonderful percussionist Pete Bengry transported the collective psych towards an altered state.”

The Guardian Newspaper.


Shamans Drum training – Kim

For a weekend My partner and I were part of a family, so lovely was the welcome. Pete and Chetna, opened themselves to us, and we were drawn into the magical world of the drum. Into its sacred union and communion with us; where the heartbeat of the earth echoed our own. Each step into the relationship patiently crafted to draw us deeper and deeper towards a rhythm that was us, was the drum – so that in the end the two heartbeats became as one, and the communion was complete.

Pete’s skill as a drummer and healer is exquisite, yet totally without ego. He shares a most amazing talent without pretense of being ‘the best’, yet one cannot come away without thinking that in his field he quite possibly is. Thank you for an experience that will stay with me..

Kim McMuldrow.

Silence of Sound training

Pete Bengry is an exceptional musician, healer and teacher. His classes and performances are very powerful. He has a unique and beautiful drumming technique which activates and restores one’s body, mind and soul all at once. Pete has deservedly received accolades for his work from one of the world’s foremost authorities on soul retrieval, Sandra Ingerman and he has featured in the Guardian, one of the UK’s leading newspapers. If you get the chance to attend one of Pete’s workshops, for example ‘The Silence of Sound’ training or an evening of his shamanic sound healing, grab it with both hands. His is a rare and special gift.

Neil Brocklehurst

Healing Session

Being a therapist of eighteen years, I’ve also experienced many alternative modalities for myself, and to increase my knowledge so as to help others. Being highly acoustic, I was drawn to meeting Pete because of his passion for drums. Apart from the powerful and dynamic effect of his drumming (I’ve never heard anything like it before) the insights and information he gave me at the end of the session were so poignant and accurate.
For several days following the experience, life felt completely magical. I feel I’ve been taken to a much deeper clarity and awareness.
Erica Yonge, Acupuncturist.

The Shamans Drum training

I am really not sure how to start, words simply do not do justice to the wonderful blessings of ‘The Shamans Drum’, to your obvious love and openness in sharing what you have experienced on your walk with Spirit and for sharing it with others. Within Ceremony you provided us with a safe sacred space allowing me (us) to fully embrace Spirit, the Drum and each other, you and your wonderful guides gave me the courage to be myself, to walk a path into the unknown, giving way to the Blessings of the Drum and Spirit. It allowed me to regain faith in myself, in spirit, more importantly to trust in Teachers in this realty. The experience fully touched my heart with a thousand blessings, a weekend to always cherish and remember, the closing ceremony was beautiful, filled with love and our ‘party’ was truly amazing. I can still feel the pure bliss, joy and love I felt at that moment. May you continue to Walk in Beauty.
A true shift in my energy has occurred from both the weekend and the healing I received, renewing my love for this wonderful experience of Spirit. Yesterday, I gave my sister a healing using the Drum and Rattle, she literally could not move from the floor. She looked so peaceful afterwards.. We stayed quiet for some time.. For that moment, I thank you.
With love and blessings.

Introduction to Shamanic Journeying

Much gratitude is given to Pete Bengry. I thoroughly enjoyed the tuition in learning how to journey for myself within the shamanic journey training that Pete taught. I felt very safe and deeply held in the sacred space that was created for us all to learn how to journey. Pete answers all questions you may have, lovingly and honestly from the heart with nothing held back so that you can learn from his wealth of knowledge and experience of working within shamanism. This training has been life changing and has set a path before me to help deepen my practice. I have had an incredible empowering experience, and I will treasure these teachings .
Thank you 💚

The Shamans Drum training

Thank you for sharing your wonderful Medicine gifts from spirit. Thank you for teaching us how to enter the healing beauty and wisdom of the drum shamanically. All of which flowed from the beat of your open heart. You offered us an invitation to encounter and experience Spirit’s heartbeat through the drum and to celebrate and acknowledge each others unique dance and music with the Divine. So many times during the three days as we danced, drummed and meditated with the elements of nature it felt like Grace descending – such a blessing.
So it has been an honour and a privilege to have been part of such an inspiring and magical group of beings, gifted with so many individual talents. How wonderful to feel so much genuine respect and appreciation from you for each of our gifts and paths. As we shared in each other’s personal laughter, joy and tears I was reminded that we can only invite the singular truth of Spirit into our Sacred Space when we shatter the illusion of separation. Where there is mistrust and discord and the truth of unity, harmony and beauty cannot flourish.
And last but not least, thank you for working so quietly, with such humility, dignity and integrity. For me, these qualities are those of true shamans because they have been birthed from a deep compassion for the paths that others have walked. I think this kind of beauty is much needed today but very rare.
With deep gratitude, love and appreciation.
Clea xx

Silence of Sound training

Trying to put into words what the experience of the ‘Silence Sound’ training with Pete Bengry was for me is best described as ‘Heal yourself and you Heal the World.’ If you wish to go beyond all that prevents you from being this for yourself and others, then this is the course for you. Pete offers us the tools and the philosophy to empower ourselves, to come through to a place of FREEDOM, a space we have always yearned. It is up to us whether we choose to  ‘LET GO’ of that which keeps us from doing so. If we do then the journey of Self discovery can begin with this training. We drummed both the Sound and the Silence into our bodies, minds and Spirits until we became One Sound and One Silence into a group consciousness, a communion and a consecration. This weekend course was ‘up there’ with a handful of Spiritual Awakenings I have experienced in my many years of seeking my Higher Self.
Thank you Pete for your Light and your Humanity.
Pamela Young

The Shamans Drum training

Pete’s Shamans Drum training is profound. He teaches with love, a deep respect and the up most integrity for the work, creating a supportive and safe environment in which to learn. He is approachable and understanding and shows great kindness and care.
Pete’s mastery of the drum is obvious – he not only teaches you how to connect deeply with spirit, through the drum – he also teaches you how to actually drum. I wholeheartedly recommend this course for anyone interested in strengthening their relationship with the drum and for gaining a deeper experiential understanding of the power that is held within
Rachel Dunn.

Healing Session

I came to the session nervous because I was aware there was much I needed to let go of, but Pete put me at ease immediately. His warmth and relaxed approach meant that the incredibly powerful session that followed did not overwhelm. He works and plays completely at one with spirit, so I was ‘held’ gently when difficult feelings arose and throughout experiencing incredible love. The interplay between voice/drum/gong and other instruments is so, so masterful. A week later, I am still ringing with this deeply beautiful musical experience. The joy, peace and relief I have been experiencing since will take some time to fully sink in.
Clare Norrish.

The Shamans Drum training

Words do not do justice to the experience of ‘The Shamans Drum’. Wonderful, sacred, beautiful, longing, amazing, safe, held, awesome, spirit full. The weekend was very experimental and hands on, I felt energised, more connected and full of joy by the end of it. My drum has become my new friend and our relationship has only just begun. We spent time getting to know each other.
I cannot recommend this weekend highly enough, if you are practicing Shamanic work this in my opinion is a must!
Pete is incredible, his years of experience in percussion and Shamanic work are obvious straight away, a true Shaman, in direct contact with spirit. I now feel a deep connection with my drum and my work with the spirit of the drum has just begun. Plus the food was amazing too!
Rahima Carmichael.

Healing Session

Pete Bengry knows how to use sound to change energy patterns and to heal.  Using drums, rattles, bells and other percussion instruments, he creates powerful sacred sounds that reach deep into the soul.  By using his own voice Pete has the ability to produce sounds of nature that carry one into the primal balance of the natural world where the deepest healing happens. The sound vibrations Pete creates while he is merged with Spirit, touch and heal both body and soul.
Mimi Young, MTS, MA,  a licensed, retired counselor in New Mexico, USA also has a Masters degree in Theology and  extensive training and experience in spiritual development. Currently she is in private practice as a shamanic teacher and healer in New Mexico. She is trained by the Foundation for Shamanic Studies and Sandra Ingerman, as well as by Native people, and is a member of the Society for Shamanic Practitioners.
Mimi Young

The Shamans Drum training

I cannot thank you enough for such a beautiful weekend, which was entirely due to your authenticity and wisdom as  a person and teacher. As you know finding your course was a synchronous event and a last minute decisions, which I am sure was guided by spirit, and I didn’t know what to expect, except for maybe some tools and techniques for using the drum. The course went far beyond what I envisaged, it enabled me to deepen my connection to the drum by making contact with drum spirit a vital but missing aspect of my practice. The way in which you led us throughout the weekend to make even deeper connections was wonderful, the fluidity and seamlessness of moving from one experience and practice to another made the weekend flow. You encouraged us to experiment with different techniques, broadening our practice, and were open to ideas from the group, which is rare in a lot of teachers. Your encouragement and support of a complete novice, which is what I was, meant that I didn’t feel out f depth or embarrassed by my lack of experience. You were certainly more aware than most course leaders of hat the group needed and led us through the weekend with loving kindness.
I would certainly attend another one of your courses. Also what I found, in meeting you and the other course members has restored my faith in human nature, that there are many genuine, authentic and loving people around and I thank you for bringing us all together.
With much love.

The Shamans Drum training

‘The Shamans Drum’ is not so much a course as an initiation. An initiation that takes you on a deep spiritual journey that draws you closer and closer to understanding your own heart, and that of your drum. Intuitively guided by Pete, a relationship begins to develop between yourself and your drum that culminates in a bond that, if nourished and taken care of, will last as long as you continue to drum.
It matters not whether you consider yourself an adept, or have very little experience or even any sense of rhythm. Preconceived ideas of what a drumming course will be are quickly shattered as Pete takes you to a place you may never have visited before. A sacred realm, one of realisation and awakening  as to what can be achieved between yourself and your drum.
Grounded by his own deep personal connection to the Spirit of the Drum, Pete gently coaxes you to step over and beyond boundaries in your exploration of the relationship between yourself and this instrument, using a variety of techniques that are both fun and challenging.
The course, for me, was a life changing experience. I laughed, I cried, and now when I pick up my drum to play it, I notice there is a distinct dynamic between us, a new found quality that opens the way forward in my Shamanic practice. I am deeply grateful to Pete for having shared his knowledge, wisdom and talent with us…
Asha Bell.
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