The Shamans Drum training

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I am really not sure how to start, words simply do not do justice to the wonderful blessings of ‘The Shamans Drum’, to your obvious love and openness in sharing what you have experienced on your walk with Spirit and for sharing it with others. Within Ceremony you provided us with a safe sacred space allowing me (us) to fully embrace Spirit, the Drum and each other, you and your wonderful guides gave me the courage to be myself, to walk a path into the unknown, giving way to the Blessings of the Drum and Spirit. It allowed me to regain faith in myself, in spirit, more importantly to trust in Teachers in this realty. The experience fully touched my heart with a thousand blessings, a weekend to always cherish and remember, the closing ceremony was beautiful, filled with love and our ‘party’ was truly amazing. I can still feel the pure bliss, joy and love I felt at that moment. May you continue to Walk in Beauty.
A true shift in my energy has occurred from both the weekend and the healing I received, renewing my love for this wonderful experience of Spirit. Yesterday, I gave my sister a healing using the Drum and Rattle, she literally could not move from the floor. She looked so peaceful afterwards.. We stayed quiet for some time.. For that moment, I thank you.
With love and blessings.

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